The Mozart Album

Danielle de Niese is the star of the hour, as she delivers a perfectly tailored program of Arias by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

“De Niese has a voice made for Mozart: bright, beautiful, agile and creamy” – NPR

“A serious artist with a dramatic, agile voice and heaps of charm and charisma.” – WQXR

“That the gorgeous Danielle de Niese is a creature of the theater with a brain and a fascinating timbre is pretty clear by now. Anyone who has seen her live can only marvel at how comfortable she is moving, acting, pouting, dancing, singing, laughing, crying–indeed, interpreting. And if truth be told, every word she sings is imbued with meaning and she’s perfectly visible, even on audio recordings. She sings with more “face” than anyone since Tito Gobbi. If the world were looking for a cross between Halle Berry and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, she would be it.
… the brief “Ah! fuggi il traditor”, delivered with the same forward thrust and energy, is perfect–Donna Elvira is in de Niese’s soul. The 10-year-old composer’s “Oh, temerario Arbace!…Per questo paterno amplesso” is gorgeously sung and felt, the sadness clear and touching. The recital closes with the Laudate Dominum from K. 339, and it’s a beauty, exquisitely phrased, evenly produced from top to bottom, and gentle as a lamb” – Classics Today

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