Classical Music Strips!

Is opera moving into what some artists refer to as "today's pop territory"; that is, making a more sexualized approach to music? Are opera singers also coming under the influence of mainstream music's tactics?

The New A List - Classic FM Magazine

Sexy, sassy and a bit of a dancer, Danielle de Niese sounds superb on her new CD of Handel arias. The combination of her looks and her performances as Cleopatra had audiences raving.

Tatler Magazine

The future Mrs. Christie is an Los Angeles child star turned booty-shaking opera soprano diva. Meet Danielle de Niese, Glyndebourne's multi-talented new chatelaine. What a performance, says Ticky Hedley-Dent.

A Diva for the 21st Century

Danielle de Niese, mega-star soprano, has already spent a decade in the operatic fast lane — and she's still only 28. This week, she takes the title role in L'Incoronazione di Poppea.

The Diva of the Downs

Glyndebourne, the high altar of English opera, has a new mistress, an exotic, gifted soprano who captivated audiences as Cleopatra. Danielle de Niese is the new chatelaine of Glyndebourne.

The Enchantress

Call me Pygmalion. That is my code name, of course. My real name is Dr. Piggy. I am director of research and development for Designing Women (NYSE: DeWo), a firm that designs women.

Feature International

Young soprano Danielle de Niese is making a splash. With her dancer's body, huge brown eyes and California-casual personal style, soprano Danielle de Niese hardly fits the stereotype of an opera star.

Glyndebourne's Resident Diva

Danielle de Niese tells Bazaar “As a performer, I see Glyndebourne as an artistic haven where I can learn and grow as an artist and collaborate with colleagues of the highest calibre".

The Sydney Morning Herald

The lyric soprano Danielle de Niese has been lauded on world stages as an opera star bright enough to woo the gods. Now, she returns to Melbourne to join the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Lunch with the FT-

Prima donnas don’t do lunch. Most go to bed at four in the morning and get up at two in the afternoon. In that context, lunch with the FT must be a rude awakening. I can’t expect Danielle de Niese to be punctual or chatty.

Madonna Magazine

Danielle de Niese appearing on the article pages of fashion magazins like Madonna Magazine and Vorsprung Magazine. "Stunning", "magestic", "stlyling gala", "opera star" are a few compliments.

Keep The Noise Down Please

Famed operatic conductor and producer Teodor Currentzis disclosed that he has grown tired of the "bombastic singing" found commonly in opera performances. The opera soprano Danielle de Niese disagrees.

My Perfect Weekend

The lyric soprano Danielle de Niese, 34, is married to Glyndebourne's owner, Gus Christie. Her weekends are currently spent performing in Don Pasquale and playing host to thousands of opera goers.

Opera Ready, Even Offstage

The soprano Danielle de Niese is featured in “The Enchanted Island” with Plácido Domingo at the Metropolitan Opera. Born in Australia and raised in Los Angeles, she now lives in East Sussex, England.

The Diamond Diva

Soprano Danielle de Niese talks about her love of fashion, living at Glyndebourne and what it’s like to share your home with 1,300 people. The “opera’s coolest soprano” does not live in a normal house, however.

The Bold & The Brilliant

These 16 women, the winners of Marie Claire's second annual Women on Top Awards, are reinventing their industries and demolishing boys' clubs from the ranks of the military to Silicon Valley.

Sean Rafferty at Home

Sean Rafferty visits the home of the Australian-born lyric soprano Danielle de Niese for a glimpse into the day-to-day life of the young opera star. Danielle is used to gracing the world's operatic stages.

Idris Elba on Mandela and Music

Idris Elba - currently to be seen playing Nelson Mandela - and the soprano Danielle de Niese are Charlotte Green's first guests for 2014. Charlotte discusses about the future of both of these stars.

"I'm Ripe and Ready for Donizetti"

Danielle de Niese dreamed of becoming an opera singer from early childhood. Now she stars in a lead role at Glyndebourne and reveals how she became one of the world's most sought-after sopranos.

Sparkling Despite Dress Disaster

Soprano star Danielle de Niese, wife of Glyndebourne Opera boss Gus Christie, had a huge dilemma at the Arts Club in Mayfair when she discovered that her glamorous gowns for her performance were missing!

Dressing Down For My Hubby

Danielle de Niese kept the audience waiting for her performance at the Dover Street Arts Club on Saturday. “My husband forgot to pack my dresses,” she disclosed. "You nearly saw a diva in jeans.”