Hey Everyone-

Thank you so much for visiting my new website. I hope you have found some great music, videos, stories and pictures to enjoy!

Your energy and support mean so much to me and I hope you will continue to visit my site to touch base for latest news, tour dates, new music, projects and videos. You can buy my albums on the Music page, but this Fans-Only page is designed especially for you to keep in touch with me. Click Here to leave me a message (and post to the site) which I will reply to from wherever I am in the world.. Please forgive me if I don't get back to you right away but I will always be checking the site and will reply as soon as I can... (contact@danielledeniese)

I send you all my warmest wishes and I hope you'll come and visit me at one of my shows around the globe!

Lots of love,


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Alyssa - Tuesday, 10 May 2016 00:29

Amazing work! Loved your last performance. Can't wait to see more.

Priscilla - Saturday, 18 July 2015 11:29

So much to look at and listen to!

nifaluqaqyja - Thursday, 12 February 2015 23:11

Wow! I'm loving all the content and the layout of EVERYTHING! 

B. - Friday, 26 December 2014 04:32

Hello.  I have seen/heard you for the very first time last evening as you sang at Christmas Midnight Mass St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC.  I was so very moved by your performance of

"O Holy Night".  I had wanted to share with family and am asking if you know if it (your performance or entire event) is available for either purchase or on web.  It left me breathless and I wanted to share with family.  Thank you so much for a very memorable evening.   Be well. 

Kevin Hartley - Thursday, 25 December 2014 18:40

Wonderful performance at St. Patrick's on Christmas Eve...You looked beautiful as well!

Alison mannion - Saturday, 22 November 2014 17:22

Dear Dannielle,

        We are great fans and have just sent in our bookings request for Glyndebourne 2015, with your appearance top of the list. We are planning a visit to London in January 2015 and see from this site that you are to be performing on 10th. Can you tell us if this will be in London, and if so where, and how we apply for tickets.

           Tickets to see you in January would be THE greatest Christmas present for my partner!.

                                                      very best wishes, Alison

Becky Rodman - Sunday, 02 November 2014 20:25

Dearest Danielle, I am listening to your Handel Arias. I will be in London from January 9 to January 18, 2015. I am participating in the Elgar in London Conference with the Manhattan String Quartet. Is there any chance that you are nearby at that time? I would love to see you! Is Glyndebourne nearby? I am staying at the Hilton Westminster. I'll wait to hear from you. I was looking at some really fun photos of your time at Guemes in '96. I will wait to hear from you. In the meantime, I hope this note finds you doing well. and my best to all of your family. Much love, Becky

Byron Covington Price - Thursday, 09 October 2014 18:57

Bravo Danni!!!


From your greatest fan in all of the world!!!  You are pure inspiration to my ears, my eyes and my spirit.



DomyZbali - Wednesday, 08 October 2014 23:56

Passion the site-- extremely user friendly and whole lots to see!

dom z bali, domy drewniane

John Ayling - Monday, 22 September 2014 09:51

Haven't heard so much about you since I saw your terrific concert in Sydney a while ago.  When are you going to make another DVD or Blu-Ray?  And when you do, can you make sure its "all regions" so your Aussie fans (like me) can play it?


All the best.



Manuel Zafra Almagro - Friday, 29 August 2014 17:09

Dear Danni, congratulations for your brilliant operatic career. You are one of my favourite singers for the beauty of your voice and your sensational stage presence. If it is possible, send me your autographed photo to my postal address: Manuel Zafra Almagro, Avenida Joan Maragall nº 10, esc. B 3º1ª 08850 Gavà (Barcelona) SPAIN. I hope to meet you in person too soon at Liceu! Thank you so much! Kisses!

Denise Washington - Thursday, 24 July 2014 08:01

Dear Danni

It was such a delight meeting you on Tuesday during the performance of Der Rosenkavalier at the Royal Albert Hall. Thank you for being so gracious and I will certainly treasure our selfie!

As I mentioned, my friend Steve and I saw you in Don Pasquale last season at Glydnebourne and we truly enjoyed your performance. (I love visiting Glyndebourne.....I have lived in the UK for 18 years and I have seen over a dozen performances at Glyndebourne.)

Separately, I have also enjoyed your previous performances in L'Incoronazione di Poppea and Orfeo ed Euridice.

I look forward to seeing you perform again soon and I will certainly be at Glyndebourne next season!

Kind regards






Jean Gress - Thursday, 17 July 2014 21:00

Saw the Met HD of Enchanted..loved your Ariel.  I missed it the first two times but very glad to have seen the encore last night. You stole the show!

Richard Ware - Monday, 07 July 2014 10:46

Hello, Danielle


I just wanted to say that you are awesome, and, your performance of Vie Cor Meum is the best I have ever heard! Fantastic! I am now a

Life Long fan! I'll be looking for you here in Dallas, Texas or in Detroit, Michigan (hometown).






Alessandro - Sunday, 15 June 2014 17:56


I attended your amazing performance in "The Rake's Progress" in Torino yesterday!

Outstanding, very emotional, and fresh-style!


Thomas Thielemann - Sunday, 01 June 2014 15:20

Dear Danielle,

I just wanted to express my great pleasure discovering your soulful and exiting voice by hearing and seeing you together with Alice Coote singing "pur ti miro" by Monteverdi on youtube.

This song was so inspiring to me that I'll try to sing this piece during a workshop this summer in italy. I'msinging as a tenor in two quires in Hamburg. Recently we are working on "membra jesu nostri" by Dietrich Buxtehude.

I'd liked to hear you on stage. When will you show up in Hamburg Germany? Pleas let me know in advance.

Thomas Thielemann HAMBURG Germany

Pablo - Saturday, 31 May 2014 14:56

Danielle, me encanta escucharte. Sigue haciéndonos soñar con tu voz. Un Beso.

Nigel - Sunday, 04 May 2014 05:06


I came here to write a message but ended up playing with the cursor-stars instead. So there. :-/

Bob - Sunday, 27 April 2014 01:13

Great job today as Despina in Cosi.  Saw HD in Akron Ohio

Darren - Friday, 25 April 2014 08:06

I can't stop playing with the magical stars =)

The web site is great, I love the calligraphic title, it's very well done. Great to see all your work laid out, now I can see what my collection is missing! Pyar!

Ron Rosenbrand - Friday, 25 April 2014 07:51

What a wonderful new website! Great place to nurture my addiction. Together with your recordings it will have to satisfy me until I will be able to see you perform live. Can't wait for that day!

Graham Hurley - Thursday, 24 April 2014 09:00

An enchanting resource, beguiling indeed. So good to be able to see the Sri Lanka concert agin.

BrianJS - Wednesday, 23 April 2014 23:16

Congratulations on an amazing website.  Well thought-out and informative and entertaining.

We first saw you at Glyndebourne in 2005 as Cleopatra and I knew then that you had an amazing talent.  We have seen you since then in several productions at Glyndebourne and you are always great.  Wonderful voice and always committed 100% to the role.  

Looking forward to your recital at St. John's in London in June and hope to see you again at Glyndebopurne.  







Lo - Wednesday, 23 April 2014 23:12

Thanx Danni,

For i want you to know that listening for months

to your first and then only album on my iPhone

every night in bed before falling asleep

i was able to mend my broken heart.

A Goddess was whispering in my ear apparently .....

So therefore,




Nigel - Wednesday, 23 April 2014 20:05

This site is legend-wait for it-dary, to quote our favourite character on the show we love.

Love the cool Harry Potter-like mouse effects. Also, I love your dog (in the intro video)!